Who doesn’t want to be in the same room as their favorite artist?

“Live music is one of the best art forms for it’s a one-time expression and it can never be repeated the exact same way.”

When you think about listening to Bollywood rock songs, do earphones and i-Pods immediately come to mind? If this is the case, you surely need to experience a live concert. Why live music is better than recorded music is because there is always an onus on the performer to give his best, heartfelt, and honest efforts when playing live. In the studio, however, it’s an entirely different story. One can overdub, edit, replace their dodgy notes and retune the terrible intonation. The possibilities to change the original concept are endless. It’s not something terrible. Overdubbing, honing a mix etc. in a studio is an art- form in itself. Just like a film or a sculpture, you are simply ‘chipping away’ to shape work into a beautiful form.

But won’t you love to watch all the preparations in honor of your favorite musicians and that gives you real thrills? Won’t you love to be a part of thousands of enthusiastic people with similar interests as yours? Wonder why do people remember some live concerts for the rest of their lives? The answer is that there is always something magical about witnessing live band performances. The songs played at the concerts bring out the dancer in many, rocker in others.

There is deep-felt authenticity to a live Indian band performance when the music is played and performed live, without a filter. A band playing live is like someone singing from the soul. There is nothing but the inanimate instruments and a stage. Additionally, no two Indian rock bands‘ performances are ever the same. You search for uniqueness in all-new performances; you come across, every time. The great band delivers a very touchy and emotional product for its listeners, that is more than just music. A great live band is familiar with a variety of songs and can respond in sync with the audience. There should be no compromise in hiring a live band for corporate events too. A good band can simply turn your corporate party into one of the best memorable moments.

Supporting your favorite artists by attending their concerts is vital in showing that you really are a fan! While buying music is another common way to show support, seeing them perform live is an experience you will never get. Go, see a show, and watch your favorite artist sing and play just for you, or hire a cool rock band for your corporate or private event!

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