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Wedding band in Delhi NCR adds the entertainment quotient

Live bands for Wedding in Delhi - choose Antariksh

With more awareness, global reach and the advent of the Indian economy, the face of weddings is changing in India. Weddings are no longer just about completion of ceremonies and rituals and a regular feast for the guests to experience. Weddings are more and more lavish and the focus is primarily on destinations and the experience for the guests and of course, for the couple themselves to relish over a lifetime.

An integral part of any celebration, particularly referring to weddings here, is music. Music livens up the ambience and provides for the much needed energy that is needed within a wedding ceremony. Wedding bands playing live music, therefore, have been part of wedding celebrations for long. But what provides the differentiation is the quality thereof! Live bands for Wedding in Delhi are creating quite a buzz, and Antariksh with its length and breadth of music performances ranks as one of the best wedding band in Delhi. Incredible energy, an overwhelming expertise of over 15 years of playing live music and the popularity of the band among the audiences all place Antariksh as your top choice for music bands for the wedding in Delhi and beyond. Antariksh has played both public and private events in  over 50 cities across the world. Planning a destination wedding? Look no further. Be it outdoors along a beach or an enclosed hotel banquet, Antariksh is renowned for a power-packed performance with a well curated set-list to suit your occasion.

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Wedding bands in Delhi NCR
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Weddings bands add invigorating music to a wedding

Music bands that understand the occasion and the audience are able to bring in energy to a wedding. The audience is important, hence the Antariksh always curates a special playlist for every event. A pre-discussion with the couple allows the music band to understand the profile of the audience. The common factor that help make the wedding an successful event though is the right music in tune with the flow of the event. A loud, heavy bass music can be a good invitation to the floor, but the music band needs to take in account for the breaks and the times to play the right song. Lighter songs during dinner breaks and activities have to be thought of well, so the event appears to be in sync with all traditions, activities and the time to shake a leg!


Music bands add to the choreography

Music bands help add that zing to the choreographed activities within a wedding. Couples, now, include their own dance routines and the close relatives and friends add a zing with stellar performances that complement that performance with their own choreographed pieces of dancing to either a mash-up or a single song. Having a live band allows that extra oomph to these choreography inclusions with a wedding event.

Live bands for Wedding in Delhi

Antariksh, the best live bands in Delhi NCR

Antariksh is the best wedding band in Delhi

Antariksh, one among the famous bands of India, specialize in wedding performances and add that x-factor to the wedding ceremony. As a wedding band, Antariksh, has performed in hundreds of weddings, including luxury and destination weddings. Having a reputed band with a credibility and that adaptability to react to situations or subtle changes in the event flow allows the hosts and guests to have memorable experiences they remember for a lifetime! Happy couples, hosting families and guests all shake a leg to the band’s stellar flow of music, while even those who are shy of the dance floor find something soothing or invigorating to tune themselves to! If you are looking for a wedding band in Delhi or for that matter anywhere in India, Antariksh is the right choice to make your event an extraordinary one that lingers in your thoughts for a long time! We also offer, to make your corporate event memorable with our Live bands for corporate events.

Why do I need a live band for the wedding?

Live bands add to the energy for any event, especially the wedding. Having a live band allows better participation and a memorable event for the audience in attendance.

Would the live band only be singing and playing music?

Beyond just playing music and singing for you, the live band helps in the flow of the event. On occasions, they are the Master of Ceremonies, while in some events they work in harmony with an MC to ensure the choreographed pieces prepared and other celebrations have accompanying music.

Does the choice of the live band make a difference?

Yes, that is all that matters. The experience of the band is paramount to you hosting a successful event that stays in your thoughts for a long time. The quality of voice, instruments and the ability to adapt to the environment dictate the success of a live band. Hence you must choose experienced and expertise and not go for a fresher group or one that does not have an excellent track record or is offering cheaper services because of what they feel they are worth! An experienced live band will always turn out to be an excellent investment and choice for the wedding event.
With an experience of playing over 500 gigs across the world, Antariksh‘s live shows are not just your typical rock gigs. They are power-packed, mesmerizing and memorable experiences that distinguish a “regular show” from a “concert”. Your wedding deserves the best entertainment there is. Antariksh fits the bill perfectly.

Do I need a wedding band in Delhi? Who can I choose?

Go for Antariksh. Music composer, singer, and guitar player Varun Rajput’s brainchild, Antariksh is the premier Hindi-Rock band. Known as the best wedding band in Delhi, Antariksh was rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists from India. Among the numerous bands in Delhi NCR, Antariksh is renowned for bringing multiple authentic genres and styles from the west to mainstream Hindi music.

Can I choose Antariksh for my choice of the live band for a destination wedding?

Antariksh leads the line up among live bands for wedding in Delhi. But that does not stop Antariksh from going beyond borders. Over the years, Antariksh has performed 500+ gigs and counting. Countless weddings and shows alongside renowned personalities, Antariksh is cloaked in some great guitar melodies and riffs, challenging syncopations, cinematic themes presented coherently, the band has a sound that’s as unique as it gets. Destination irrespective, Antariksh is your perfect choice for a live band for weddings.


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