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Hope you’re all doing great. We’ve been waiting for a while to write about our trip to the fantastic city of Jamshedpur and upload a few videos from the great concert that we had there. Finally, it’s here. To begin with, we would like to thank Carmel Junior College, Jamshedpur for inviting us to play at their event, ‘Consonance 14’.

We had a great trip and an absolutely amazing time playing for the young, enthusiastic, and super vibrant audience at the RV Auditorium. Despite all the hiccups of the auditorium shifting at the last moment, Varun and Vipul falling sick on tour, we managed to pull off one of the most memorable shows of all time. This was easily the loudest audience we ever played to, and the atmosphere in was the auditorium was completely electrifying. You had to be there to witness it – it literally can’t be put into words. We played our hearts out for over 1.5 hours and it was totally worth all the effort put into the show both by us and the organisers.

To conclude the show we played our rendition of the popular, iconic AR Rahman song, Vande Mataram (Maa Tujhe Salaam). Here’s a video of how it went and how amazingly well the crowd sang along with us.

Vande Mataram Rock Version:

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We found Jamshedpur to be a really nice city, and people even nicer – we were truly humbled by the great hospitality school provided. We would like to extend a thank you note to Pushkar, Abhinav, Devesh, Arjun, Priyanjali, Adya, Pallavi, Virali, and all the awesome folks who helped us and made our stay as pleasant as it was. We hope to see you guys again next year, in a bigger and better fashion. Until then, watch out for all the videos we will be uploading from the show on our Youtube channel.

Here’s another acoustic video/teaser of our song, ‘Dheere Dheere’, Varun Rajput and Sharad Joshi created a week before the show at Carmel Junior College, Jamshedpur.

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