Whether you are into Pop, Indie or Rock music, you need to hear these talented homegrown bands that are creating quite a stir. Some of these Indian rock bands are already a big name and others are gaining popularity among the millions of Indian fans seeking some fresh, eclectic and independent music. A lot of Indian bands have crafted some of the most memorable tunes of all time; from pop to grunge, rock to punk, those bands will forever be a part of India’s rich cultural tapestry for their unbelievable hits and also award-winning albums. Here are our top picks for some of the most iconic music bands that have given numerous moments for India to shake a leg to!

1. Antariksh

Formed in the year 2012, this premier Hindi rock band became popular with their first album, ‘Khoj’ which had an interesting concept; meaningful lyrics and edgy rock music fusing styles such as Rock n Roll, Reggae, Carnatic, and Funk. Antariksh, one of the best Indian Rock bands in Delhi/NCR, is arguably the most popular progressive hindi rock band in India. Their recent single “Kaahe Re” released in 2018 was a masterpiece which was received amazingly well by the audiences.

Also, rated by MTV as one of the Best Hindi Rock artists from India, the band attempts to bring multiple authentic genres from west to contemporary Hindi music. Antariksh has a reputation for delivering high quality, thoughtful, and fresh music both in a studio as well as a live setting. The band loves to write about human emotions and experiences, perceptions, and shades of good and bad in the society. Listen to some soothing Hindi rock songs crafted by them here:

2. The Local Train

Active since 2008, The Local Train worked their way up owing to their emphatic sound and Urdu and Hindi lyrics delivered most often in an anthemic fashion. The Local Train was formed in 2008 by a bunch of college students who lived in Chandigarh and Panchkula. Their debut album. “Aalas Ka Pedh “ features nine tracks, including “Bandey,” “Yeh Zindagi,” “Kaise Jiyun” and “Aoge Tum Kabhi” which have been received very well by the younger listening audiences in the country. The band went on to release their second album, ‘Vaaqif’ in January 2018 which touches upon a plethora of topics ranging from existential crisis to the frustration of getting nowhere in life and suffering that stems from communalism. Check out their latest video here:

3. Parvaaz

Next in the list is PARVAAZ, an indie-rock quartet comprising of members Khalid Ahmad, Mir Kashif Iqbal, Sachin Banandar and Fidel Desouza. The band arrived in the scene in the fall of 2010. Parvaaz delivers Urdu poetry with notes of psychedelic rock and traces of folk music. It is a contemporary Indian music band, which has assimilated several international progressive/psychedelic rock influences. In August 2017, Parvaaz went on their first international tour to Canada. Parvaaz was also featured on the cover of Rolling Stone India in their May 2018 edition. Their music is unmistakable, idiosyncratic, cinematic, and there’s no other band that sounds anything like them. Try labeling their music and chances are you’ll struggle.

4. When Chai Met Toast

A 4-piece band from Kerala, India, with a unique mix of English folk influenced instrumentals and multi-lingual lyrics, the band has defined a genre of their own and is popular for creating soul stirring tunes and music which elates listeners. The band’s first album is “Joy of Little Things” in 2017. Band gained fans quickly with a special acoustic setup and a unique brand of infectious happy music, which transcends age, genre and even language.

5. The Yellow Diary

The Yellow Diary is a band that has made a name for itself in the indie music scene in less than half a decade. The Mumbai-based alternative rock outfit has released six songs in two EPs, in addition to performing hundreds of live shows across the country. the band released its first EP, rightly named “Marz”. It had three songs, “Afzai”, “Kashmir” “Marz”.

Hearing these bands is quite an experience. From thumping lyrics to bass heavy music, these bands provide just the right tonality and the energy to go dance with. Music stirs the body and the soul. So, if you are a music fan or just someone who likes to hear a few humms here and there, there is plenty these bands offer to captivate you and forget that momentary lowness in your lives. Come, stir up the music within. You will only be glad, you did!

Indian Rock bands in Delhi/NCR