Aisa Hi Hota Hai – Song review by Daphne P. Edwin | Hindi Rock

Antariksh - Khoj

AISA HI HOTA HAI – Song review by Daphne P Edwin | Hindi Rock Hey folks. How’s it going? I recently came across a fantastic album, ‘Khoj’ by the Delhi based Hindi Rock band, Antariksh and thought of reviewing and penning down my thoughts on a couple of songs that I really enjoyed listening to. The first song that caught my attention was a peppy, uptempo track called Aisa Hi Hota Hai. The most impressive feature of the song that immediately struck a chord with me is the effortless change from one style of music to another. The entire album, ‘Khoj’ fuses diverse styles of music and ‘Aisa Hi Hota Hai’ is a prime example…

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