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Rini Rajput

Debut Album - Khoj

Intezaar – Lyric Video and Hindi Rock Songs Free Download

Hey you, awesome folks! Hope you’re enjoying the change in weather and the onset of winter – one of the best times in the year....

Debut Album - Khoj

‘Khoj’, Antariksh’s Debut Album Reviewed on Popsplat

“The super band of sorts releases musical roller coaster, featuring music prodigies including Baiju Dharmajan.” Those are some really flattering opening lines for...

Debut Album - Khoj Hindi Rock Song, Aisa Hi Hota Hai - Free Download

Antariksh all set to release debut album titled ‘Khoj’

As the band describes, their very first album ‘Khoj’, is about search for identity, a quest to understand our very own nature. It...

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