Typically, you’d identify Rock music as a group of few musicians playing guitars, drums and a singer literally yelling vocals at you :P. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say to it. Good, you pretty much know now what “Rock music” is, so the next question really is : What is Hindi Rock then?

Yeah. That question. We’re sure you’ve though about it sometime or the other. Ever heard one of you favorite songs and tried to classify its genre?. Can be tough sometimes, specially when you talk about mainstream Indian music. Its not like we’ve got the puzzle figured out, but would like to surely share with you what we think it actually means.

Before we can even try to explain what hindi rock means to us, we’d like to certainly clarify what it does not mean to us. Its definitely NOT when you say “lets rock the party”. That’s a completely different tangent of discussion. Its surely not something which you would say to a “Rocking hindi song”, again, that’s separate. There’s much more to it than this, and the good part is that its still evolving.

The “impatient” indian youth these days listen to a variety of music, GB’s of songs stored on their hand held devices, thousands of gigs to attend and lots of music to share. Well, it wasn’t always this way. With the recent years that have gone by, India has seen a much better acceptance of Rock music into its culture, and social understanding. The cliched approach towards ‘sex, drugs and rock-and-roll’ has long been forgotten, and a more comfortable image of “Rock” has been broadly accepted both in the underground and the mainstream.

So when did it all begin? Honestly, we don’t have an answer to that. What we’re sure of is the fact that some musician some where some day while writing a “rock” song thought, “Why not Hindi?”. After all, its our mother tongue, and should be easy to understand. If not lyrically hindi, you’ll still find tons of Indian instruments, ideas and concepts being floated in various songs which you may have already heard. If you look back a few years, you’ll find some amazing artists blending hindi lyrics and instruments into their music. For example, if you love rock music, We’re damn sure you’ve already heard this epic track from a band called “Euphoria” :

Sounds familiar?. Well there are many more. Some of top artists around like Silk Route, Indus Creed etc, have been belting out great Hindi rock songs from god knows when, and you’ve been loving them all along. If you are looking for something more recent, you can check out these amazing tracks:

One of them is ours 🙂

Lets talk about Bollywood for a bit. You must be thinking Bollywood + Hindi Rock? When, how? Well in last few years, even Bollywood accepted hindi rock with arms wide open. Some amazing tracks have been produced in the more recent years of the Bollywood industry, and some amazing songs have been showcased in the not-so-long-forgotten past. More and more songs these days a great Rock based theme and background music. Lyrics are yet another chapter :). The top musicians in the Industry like Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Vishal Dadlani etc are doing a superb job of blending rock music into our lives through movies and soundtracks. And the best part is that its being widely accepted.

So with the entire thought behind Hindi rock, that’s where we as Antariksh would like to fit in. We have and will be focusing our efforts on creating hindi rock music which is classy, sustainable and yet easy to connect with.

To end this blog-post, we’ll leave you with some of our hindi rock tracks for you to ponder on:

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