It’s been quite some time and we’re a little late in sharing this on the website – nevertheless, in case you didn’t find out through our other communication channels, the band released another self-produced music video for our song, ‘Na Jaane Kyun’.

‘Na Jaane Kyun’, from our first album, ‘Khoj’ talks about the constant tussle that we face within our lives trying to make choices or take big decisions that define our future. Our experiences have taught us that it’s very tough to try and persist doing things that you love – especially when those things that are not mainstream (which inevitably is always the case.Ha!). There are a million hurdles and it’s very difficult to firstly have, and then maintain a certain level of courage to take that leap of faith. Although, if you do counter your fear, and walk past that phase of uncertainty, there indeed is, more often than not, a light at the end of the tunnel, silver lining on the clouds or however you may want to define it. ‘Na Jaane Kyun’ as a song talks about how the end result of courageously following through your dreams is always worth the painstaking journey.

The self produced video for this song sums up our journey as a band over the last 2 years. It has shots from our practice sessions, album recording days, behind the scenes fun, and various shots from live concerts. Hope you guys have as much fun listening to the song as much as we had composing and recording it. See you guys at our next gig 🙂

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