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Live bands for corporate events add the zing

Live bands for corporate events and parties - choose Antariksh

Corporate Events are evolving by the day. In these times, corporate events are a representation of you as a brand, and inclusions within an event revolve around the basis of nature and purpose thereof. An event could be employee-centric, more like an outing or a Gala Dinner, or an incentive event honoring the performers while infusing motivation within the team. A Corporate Event could also be a product launch or one that involves outside stakeholders, including industry stalwarts or clients. Be it small or big, the success of a Corporate Event often depends on a range of factors, one important one being the ambiance of it. Music breathes life into an event, sets the tone for it, and probably is the differentiating element that your audience remembers the Event for.

Live bands infuse the intelligent energy into the Event, ensuring the event audience has more than shaking a leg to! You can, of course, choose to have a DJ or a music speaker set instead of a live band, but that would mean you are missing the X-factor of it all. A live band has a range of advantages that infuse life into a Corporate event, some of which are listed as below:

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Live bands for corporate events
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Interaction with live audience

A live band throws in the right punches at the correct times, and understand the tonality and flow of the Event and can infuse energy into an audience while communicating with them. This allows for greater participation.


Adapt to participation

A live band understands that they play for the audience. They motivate the audiences and add those extra lengths to songs they know the audience loves more, compared to some other ones. A live band plays to a live audience, thus understands them well, adapts to energy levels and breaks within the Event, while infusing the right energy to bring it back up when they need to!

best Live bands for corporate events
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top Live bands for corporate events
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The choice of audiences

Live bands are open to requests and play to the selection of the audience. Whether they love hip hop or Bhangra or pure slow Bollywood at a specific time of the Event, the live band playing at the Corporate Event reacts appropriately and to the choice of the people around.


Filler music pieces

Imagine an awards ceremony at your Corporate Event. Calling out the awardees on stage can be more exciting with the live band adding that extra zing with the music, be it the sound of an achievement or a Cinematic trailer kind of music. Your corporate Event can use the live band in ways more than just shaking a leg to!

Live bands for corporate events - Antariksh is among top 10
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Live bands for corporate events in Delhi
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Better manage the flow of the Event

A Live band can control the flow of the Event better. From a slow start to varying pitches and tones, a live band rules the flow with its approach. It knows when to slow down and when to raise the bar.


The visual advantage that magnetizes

Just the visibility of a live band can enthuse the audience and fill in the ambiance with the pack of energy the corporate Event deserves. Missing a band? Well, the audience is not sure what to expect, just looking at a set of speakers kept on the stage.

Live bands for corporate events in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon

A live band is more than a showpiece for your Corporate Event. It adds life and fills in gaps when needed. The X-factor of your Event is the live band you invite to play for your audiences. Reach out to Antariksh, the best Corporate Band within India, to add that wow factor to your Corporate Event. After all, an event is often defined by the entertainment quotient, and Antariksh, with its years of experience, provides you just that!

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Why do I need a live band for Corporate events?

Having a DJ or a static speaker set is passé. Go for the choice of adding a live band to your Corporate event to that zing and that extra potion of energy that your audience will love to groove to.

Would the live band only be singing and playing music in the Corporate Event?

Live bands not only play and sing to enthuse energy and bring in that wow factor, and they also add to the sequence of events, which may include a time to applause, an awards ceremony or a VIP entering the zone. The live band complements significant announcements. Your live band could end up being your Master of Ceremony if you don’t have one already.

Does the choice of the live band make a difference to the overall effect?

The Corporate event needs that Wow factor to kick in. A local or non-experienced band wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired effects. Antariksh fits the bill perfectly. With an experience of playing over 500 gigs across the world, Antariksh‘s is not just a local neighbourhood band. They perform live shows, and these are not just your typical rock gigs. Power-packed, mesmerizing and memorable experiences, Antariksh is a live band that is set to sweep you off your feet.

What kind of Corporate events can a live band cater to?

A live band can add that flavour to any Corporate event. Especially when you have a broad audience, a live band is your go-to gig for Product launches, Gala dinners, annual events, new office openings, team building, incentive events, celebrations or more. Antariksh is the right choice for a live band for Corporate events. As the premier Hindi-Rock band, Antariksh was rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists from India. Among the numerous bands in India, Antariksh is renowned for bringing multiple authentic genres and styles from the west to mainstream Hindi music.

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