Antariksh - Kaahe Re ArtworkKaahe Re – Song review
by Shivani Priya Gupta

Bringing Hindi Rock Music back to the table and being true to the language they endorse, ‘Antariksh’ is getting back to the groove with their new single after their debut album ‘Khoj‘ and we can’t keep calm. The new single ‘Kaahe Re‘ keeps up with a part of the ‘search for identity’ theme from their last album urging us to question the decisions we have made in order to earn that stability we’ve been craving for, while stepping on our dreams in the process. It tells us a story about a long-lost ideal and finding our way back to ourselves.

With its through-the-roof relatability quotient and a masterful narration of a story our own, we can’t help but wonder if this is an autobiographical piece of the men behind ‘Antariksh’ themselves. ‘The breaking free from the chains of the corporate clichés and the courage required to go after one’s dream’ trope is very well put. The mere fact that the band came out with an idea like this for their audience is exceptionally brave and motivating and it definitely could be a genre-defining song for the world of Hindi Rock music.

Wrapped with mind blowing interludes of skilled guitar players and drummer, with meaningful Hindi lyrics to compliment their melodies, the band is able to bring a personality and character to their ‘Rock’ infusion in the ‘desi’ arena, while constantly pushing the boundaries of the genre and setting the bar high. Filled with raw passion for music and a thought provoking cinematography they come up with a beautiful blend of a unique sound and an idea that touches the soul…the song is able to bring out an amazing chemistry between the audio and the video and unlike most of their contemporaries they don’t come across as trying too hard because the video aligns itself perfectly to the songwriting and the mood it is trying to convey.

With a hopeful ending to a complicated question and with our protagonist striving towards his dream; ‘Kaahe Re’ manages to keep up with the band’s reputation of one-of-a-kind music making us look forward to their future ventures.

– Shivani Priya Gupta

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