Hey you, awesome folks!

Hope you’re enjoying the change in weather and the onset of winter – one of the best times in the year. We totally are having a blast as we’ve been playing a marathon of gigs and getting all set for a tour later this month – good weather just makes it all the more enjoyable 🙂

For those of you who missed out – we released a new lyric video for one of our first ever Hindi Rock songs, ‘Intezaar’ which features as a bonus track on our debut album, ‘Khoj’. ‘Intezaar, also featuring our guitar player, Varun Rajput’s sister, ‘Rini Rajput’ is a soulful and eclectic fusion of semi-classical vocals and western soft rock music. What initially started as an experiment, Hindi Rock song, Intezaar was initially produced by Varun Rajput and Mridul Ganesh (former singer and voice of the band on the album, Khoj) in 2010 for a small Bollywood movie called ‘The Bet’, based on an Anton Chekov novel.

Anyway, before we dive into more details about the song, let’s share a new lyric video we’ve created for the song.

Yes, we know you love free downloads – so, here you go – feel free to stream and/or download Intezaar feat. Rini Rajput from our Soundcloud page and many more songs below:

There’s been some absolutely amazing response to the song and here are a few nice things written by a few music magazines about the song:
Artistoreel – “It would be futile to add some fancy words to describe the beauty of one of the best hindi rock songs, the best would be if you just play the song and feel the subtle lyrics and soulful music.
The Bayside Journal – “To begin with, the music is soulful to the ‘T’. It starts off with a small prelude that gives you a feel of what’s in store for you. Rini Rajput adds to the mysticism of the song along with Mridul Ganesh who takes the song to a new level by hitting high notes with ease.

Before we leave you, we’d like to put across a few more Hindi Rock songs from our first album:

1) Aisa Hi Hota Hai:

2) Aashayein:

3) Na Jaane Kyun:

4) Dheere Dheere:

Anyway, hope you guys liked what you heard – do send us your good vibes and love and comments and likes and shares and what not 🙂

Tada! Enjoy and be good!

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