Just back from the beautiful city of Bangalore where we played a high energy Hindi Rock set – there we were at the New Delhi airport – a little tired and little worn out, waiting for our cabs to pick us up for our next destination – Hamirpur. Bangalore was the final leg of the super exciting multi-city tour we did for the Times Festival organised by The Times of India. Though we were super exhausted owing to the extensive travel over the past few of days, we also were very excited to head to our next stage. Isn’t that what tour life is all about? 🙂 Also, this wasn’t the first time we were playing at ‘NIT Hamirpur’ – the fantastic experience of our last show at the college was still very fresh in our minds. We had fond memories of the beautiful campus, insane energy and enthusiasm of students and an insane gig from the last time. With a bunch of these mixed thoughts and feelings, we hopped on to our cabs and were soon enroute.

Starting at around 8 in the evening, we reached Hamirpur early morning around 7 AM and went straight crashing into our beds at the hotel – well, what else do you expect after an insane 19 hour journey from Bengaluru to Hamirpur? Hashtag “musician life” 😉

Anyway, what followed was an absolutely incredible day full of incredible energy and positive vibes, which just made all our sleeplessness and tiredness vanish away in a second. We’d prepared an absolutely special set for this gig, and it turned out to be one of the best concerts we’d played in a long long time. Here’s an after movie from the same concert, which we’d love to share with you all and hope that you like it as well. Our friends at Anhad Music, helped us put this together. Please do leave your comments and let us know how you find it – and feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to call Antariksh to rock it out at your college festival 🙂


And once again, we’d like to thank all our friends and fans at NIT Hamirpur as well as all across the country for all the love and supports all these years. We’ll see you guys really soon on the road as we embark on tour to celebrate 5 years of Hindi Rock with Antariksh 🙂

If you haven’t checked out our showreel yet – here’s where you need to click!


Cheers 🙂

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