Tujhpe Fanaah Ye Dil
Ye Keh Raha Hai Dil
Tu Hi Meri Raah Meri Manzil
Kaise Karun Bayaan?
Ye Haal-e-Dil Mera?
Sifar Si Zindagi Ko Maksad Mila
Hun Tujhpe Fanaah.

Do these lines remind you of the story of your first love when you were a teenager? That sudden realisation of being in love? Chances are, you already know what it feels like! Antariksh’s #NewRelease, ‘Fanaah’ is set to whisk you off to that time when you first realised you’re in love.

This song will make you believe that no matter how young or old you are, the lunatic inside us always behaves in the same manner when we are in love.

Their latest song “Fanaah”, features Varun Rajput on lead vocals, Shrikant Biswakarma on Guitars, Joshua Peter on Keyboards and Backing Vocals, Dan Thomas on Drums and Gaurav Chintamani from Advaita on Bass.

“Fanaah”, has some amazingly catchy lyrics, and you can’t listen without miming the words, or tapping your feet. A very fresh and melodic sounding song, it has some intense and interesting guitar and bass lines going behind them. Antariksh wanted to create something that is really easy and fun listening to but still super interesting and cool, musically.

“Antariksh” was formed towards the end of 2012. Over the years, the band has gained a loyal following and made its way towards the top bands in Delhi/ NCR. As the band continued to put out one successful single after the other, they quickly rose to become one of the best Indian Bands, and have significantly increased their fan base and got the attention of the media.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Antariksh should start by listening to their single “Kaahe Re” or Aashayein or Dheere Dheere from their first album, ‘Khoj’.

So, make sure you subscribe to their pages on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Saavn, Gaana or wherever you listen to music. There’s a ton of exciting music planned for release by Antariksh this year.

Antariksh – Fanaah | Hindi Rock Music

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