“The super band of sorts releases musical roller coaster, featuring music prodigies including Baiju Dharmajan.”

Those are some really flattering opening lines for an album review – if you’re a band member who has worked really hard over years to produce an album, you’d be reading such a review with a wide smile on your face.

Post the release of our album, ‘Khoj’ we sent out a few copies to some music magazines, senior musicians and other media people and Popsplat, happened to be the first one to review it, rating it 4 on 5.

Here’s where you can read the review: 

It’s so interesting that every person who hears the same piece of music perceives it so differently. We just love it when people come and tell us their interpretations of our songs, and style of music. And we’re glad that every single person who’s heard the album so far has had some fantastic and kind things to say.

If you haven’t yet heard it here’s where you can get your copy from:

Buy Khoj from iTunes
Buy Khoj from iTunes
Buy Khoj from OK Listen
Buy Khoj from OK Listen

Do check it out and let us know how you find it. Cheers!



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