How important is an album cover? This was the first question we asked ourselves before we started thinking of ideas for our album cover. The obvious answer was “very”. Although it’s always recommended to not judge a book by its cover, we humans, do have a natural tendency to do so. Especially, when we do not have enough information/opinion on something, we do tend make our choices on the basis of what meets the eye.

All of us in the band are firm believers of the fact that there has to be some concept, some logic, or some meaning behind every piece of music we create, lyrics we write, or in fact any product ย we build. To add to that we are all big time fans of Prog-Rock, the kind of music which is associated with maximum number of concept albums and cool covers. Very naturally, we too decided that our cover definitely needed to be aligned with the concept of our album, ‘Khoj‘. We brainstormed and came up with various ideas – however, the real challenge was to translate the concepts and abstract ideas into real artwork which was in line with the theme of the album and at the same time not too complex to understand.

That’s when we thought and decided to go all ‘minimalistic’. We wanted to convey the loudest of messages in the quietest and simplest of ways :). With that philosophy, we started putting down ideas to artwork and by no means, it was easy. A bunch of ideas, shortage of time, and many brains to align. And, did we mention, there was just too much inspiration! We went mad and almost created 14 different versions before finalizing the one that we have now ๐Ÿ˜€ The album cover that you see on the CDs as well as embedded on our digital tracks is a result of at least a month of intense work, debates, iterations, and brainstorming sessions.

Although we are ย very lucky that our very own guitar player, gT and drummer, Vipul are fantastic designers. So, we have all our design work done in-house – gT was the core creator of the final cover while Vipul and gT together finished rest of the album inlays.

Now, more about the concept behind the cover – on the first glance, it appears to be nothing more than an arrangement of random alphabets with Antariksh written in the center in a smudged font. The moment one spends a couple of seconds looking at it , one starts questioning – what do these alphabets signify? The sketched ‘Antariksh’ and the magnifying glass do give a hint that there probably is more than what meets the eye here.

If you glance through the alphabets, you will actually start to find the song names from the album strategically hidden in the cloud of alphabets.Dheere Dheere is the easiest one to find in the third row:) Can you find the others?

Our album, ‘Khoj’ is about a search for identity, a quest to understand our very own nature, and the concept of finding our song names hidden among the random alphabets linked quite well with the concept of the album. And that is not all – if you find all the intersecting letters between the various pairs of songs, you’ll find the letters of the word ‘Antariksh’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, time for some shameless promotion – if you haven’t checked out our album yet, you can buy it from the following places, or write to us for a hard copy :






We leave you with a few other covers that did not make it, but boggled us for months on which one to choose. What do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts! Cheers.

option1The first cover. This was the seed to the final cover. We all loved the concept!


option2The second minimal cover with ‘K’ from ‘Khoj’. Rejected ๐Ÿ˜›


option3The third cover which had a slightly different concept from the one we finally chose.



The fourth cover which boggled us for weeks! Visually stunning, but Mridul and Varun shot it down as it did not have a solid concept ๐Ÿ˜›

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