Hey folks, hope it’s going great. Just wanted to take some time out and update you on what have we been up to recently. Having taken a vacation in the relatively calmer summer time, we’re back in action with all guns blazing. Founder, guitar player and singer, Mr. Varun Rajput went on a 3 week Euro Trip in June to come back with a lot of inspiration and fresh ideas for new material. While at the same time, bass player, Mr. Sonic Shori had been working on a bunch of cool ideas. Back in action with a fresh outlook, perspective, and a lot of energy, we’ve been composing a lot of new material for our second studio album as well as playing a bunch of gigs over the last two months and it looks like some exciting times lay ahead of us ūüôā

In fact, just a couple of days ago, we finished tracking drums for 3 of our new songs at the amazing T-Series recording studio in Film City, Noida. The plan is to finish the production for these songs over the next month or so and hopefully, shoot a couple of new videos. Here are a couple of short videos of some cool parts being played by our drummer at the studio:

Hope you like what you hear – do let us know if you have any comments.¬†You can find more information about the band and latest updates on our Social Media pages below.¬†If you’d like to book Antariksh for one of your music festivals, college¬†events, corporate gigs, pub gigs etc. please feel free to reach out to Varun on +91-9999705570. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!

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