After months of composing, recording, and practicing, we finally kick-started a series of gigs in late March. What could have been better than beginning it at a venue as amazing as Blue Frog, on our guitars player, gT’s birthday, and shooting the whole concert with pro-cameras. So, on the 17th of March, we were lined up for this gig at Blue Frog, Delhi along with Baiju Dharmajan, the carnatic guitar maestro from Kochi, previously associated with one of India’s finest bands, Motherjane.

Well, we got to the venue at 4 in the evening while Baiju was ripping it apart during the soundcheck, belting some amazing tunes. As soon as he finished, we got on stage readying ourselves for what we knew would be one hell of an evening. It took about 45 minutes for us to sound-check, and buoy wasn’t it sounding awesome. And then the wait began — the crowd started pouring in from 7 PM. Our gig invite mentioned the start time as 7:30 PM, and no surprises, our friends and fans seemed to be as disciplined/punctual as us…arriving right at 7:30. Although, the gig started at 9:30…which is another story in itself 😛

Finally at 9:30 PM, our intro music began as we got took stage and started tuning up and well…there was no looking back from there!.

We played for about an hour, and had a fantastic time as the audience grooved and sang along to our originals and cover songs. Blue frog completely lived up to it’s name providing a great sound and visual experience. Overall…a kick-ass gig and here’s the best part : We got it all on tape!. m/

Here are some pics and videos from the show. Enjoy!

Dheere Dheere Live at Blue Frog!

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