The moment we first came across some really high quality videos and amazing songs of Thaikkudam Bridge on Music Mojo (A music based TV series similar to Coke Studio) on Kappa TV, we knew that we wanted to go down to Trivandrum and play there. Even before we share our experience recording and shooting for the episode, we’d like to thank Aum i Artists and Kappa TV for featuring us.

The moment we were invited to record for an episode for Music Mojo Season 4, we knew that this would definitely be one of the highlights of the year. Super prepared, yet nervous – we flew down to the beautiful city of Trivandrum a night before the recording. This was actually the first time we were recording and shooting live and featuring two new guest vocalist Aditya Jassi and Kimberley Rodrigues. The evening was spent strolling around the city and one thing we’d never forget is the absolutely amazing and sumptuous Grape Juice we had. Everything set apart, if you ever go to Trivandrum, you have to have to have grape juice. Period!

Next day, we got up early morning, hopped into our traditional black suits attire – all excited and ready to get going on a warm, humid day and as you’d have it, to make things worse, it started raining as well. But, of course there was nothing to deter us to from going to the studio and get going. After a good amount of delay, we got going and all set on the stage to begin recording. It was actually a really cool experience and was kind of much easier than what we’d imagined it to be.

In fact, it took us very little time and very few takes and there you go – within no time we’d recorded 11 songs for the episode, playing 9 songs from our first album, ‘Khoj‘ and a couple of AR Rahman covers (Vande Mataram and Dil Se title track). Unfortunately, immediately after the shoot we had to rush to the airport as we were on a tour and we had a flight to Nagpur to play at IMT Nagpur the next day. However, all in all the shoot and recordings went really well and the episode came out quite kickass as well.

Here’s an entire playlist of the episode – we hope you guys enjoy it. If you do like it, please do share and feel free to leave your comments and let us know what you think our music.


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