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Check out this awesome feature and an interview of our guitar player Varun Rajput on the front page of Gurgaon Times.

Here’s what feature says:

Twenty nine-year old Varun Rajput looks like your average corporate guy. Working as a Chief Marketing Officer at tech startup; he starts his day at 7am, puts his business suit on and gets to work and gets to work at 9pm sharp. Calling it a day at 6pm, an exhausted Varun leaves his Udyog Vihar office… and that’s where his life differs from the regular corporate guy. Unlike his peers, he doesn’t head to a bar to unwind over a beer or two. He makes a few phone calls, and by 8pm, he is ready to jam to some eclectic Hindi rock music with three other corporate guys like him – his band members. Heading business development, marketing and strategic activities by day, Varun is the lead guitarist and vocalist of his band Antariksh by night.

However, Varun is not the only corporate employee in Gurgaon living a dual life. Keeping their passion for music alive and balancing it with work life, they can be frequently found jamming at some or the other bar in the city after office hours, usually still in their formals.

“It’s definitely not easy to manage work as well as our passion for music, and at times, it can really get to you,” says Varun, adding, “But that’s the choice we’ve made and there’s no time for cribbing. All of us are corporate guys, and we’re bunch of madmen when we’re in the practice room. We have an unbelievable amount of fun together. Because of our erratic work timings, we are not always free to jam together at the same time, but we meet each other halfway. Our practice sessions usually happen after office from 8pm to 10pm on weekdays and on the weekends, we choose whatever time is convenient for everyone. It’s quite a pain in the ass to battle traffic and go directly for practice after office. Same goes for the shows – most of them happen at around mom, but we have to reach the venue early for sound check. But most of our gigs take place over the weekend, so that is manageable. We make lots of great memories each time we go out and play!”

Here’s some cool Hindi Rock from our first album, ‘Khoj’ in case you haven’t already heard it. Enjoy! 🙂

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