Hey all you awesome folks! How’s it going? Hope you’re keeping your cool in the sultry summer, that’s still only warming up. Each year around this time I start to question how are we gonna get through the sweltering summer months? And each year, the answer that comes through very naturally is – ‘by staying indoors and writing a new album’.  😀

Other than the last live album we did on Season 4 of Music Mojo on Kappa TV in November 2015, we haven’t released a lot of new material. It’s not that we haven’t been writing new music – we actually have written material worth 2 albums, some of it complete, some of it half way there –  just that we haven’t gotten around to focus, sit for 2-3 months at a stretch and finish the album. Post the success of the first album, we have been touring extensively over the last two years and at the same time also going through a bunch of changes. Unfortunately, the album took the back seat. Finally, after inching closer to a state of less entropy, we’re determined to release the album this year. Fingers crossed 🙂 More updates to follow on another post.

A lot of you might have already seen our episode of Music Mojo on TV or youtube. We played 11 songs in total – 9 originals and 2 covers, and for some weird reason, one of the cover songs (The iconic AR Rahman Song – Dil Se Rock Version) hadn’t gotten uploaded to Youtube until a month or ago. Finally, the song is up and it’s one of the most popular songs from our live set. Here’s the link to the video on Youtube – hope you guys like it. Do let us know what you think of the song in the comments section below or any of our social media pages. And, yes – please don’t hesitate to share of you do like it 🙂

Antariksh – Dil Se Rock Version (AR Rahman Cover)

Have an awesome musical summer ahead.

Varun Rajput
Founder, Antariksh

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