Hi guys! Hope it’s going great. It’s been going absolutely crazy for us, and we’ve had a truly amazing time playing so many gigs and concerts across the country over the last 10 months. Finally, after a long time on road, we are back to composing and writing new material for our 2nd album and it’s already getting exciting. However, before we do that let’s re-visit some of the songs from the first album which we believe changed our lives, entirely.

Some of you who’ve known us right from the start might remember this very first song and video release back in January 2013 – the song that literally kick-started the band, the song which has won us various awards, the songs because of which we believe, we exist – Dheere Dheere.

So why now again? Because, hey – there’s some awesome news. Dheere Dheere’s video (yes – when the band had only 3 members) featuring Mridul Ganesh, our former frontman and voice on the first album, ‘Khoj’ is now being aired on Pepsi MTV Indies channel as well Pepsi MTV Indies’ website. Wohooooo!! We’d once again like to thank you all for supporting and loving us in this beautiful journey.

For those of you who are new here, you should definitely check out this song on Pepsi MTV Indies’ website.

If you’d like to hear it on Youtube, and check out more of our videos, here’s where you can find it:

Lastly, if you’d like to download Dheere Dheere and more songs by Antariksh for free – here’s where you can get them from: Antariksh on Soundcloud
Look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments sections. Adios for now!


Team Antariksh.

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