As the band describes, their very first album ‘Khoj’, is about search for identity, a quest to understand our very own nature. It is in moments of disconnect, that the journey inward begins – Khoj is an intense and passionately crafted musical journey that captures these moments through hard, edgy Hindi rock music.

Here’s how the album cover looks like.


You can hear a few teasers from the album here.

The album has a strong theme across all songs both musically as well as lyrically, touching topics such as ethical dilemmas, identity crises, hope, greed, chaos, realizations, etc. – things that are a part of our regular lives. The band describes it’s music as ¬†thought-provoking, cinematic, hard rock borrowing elements from various styles of music such as reggae, progressive, ambient, electronic etc. Having previously played with prominent bands such as Prestorika, Decibel, and Under Siege as well having worked with management consulting firms such as McKinsey, Opera, and CEB, the band members bring together perspectives from both corporate as well as creative spheres into their music.

The 11 song long album also features some of the India’s finest musicians including guitar virtuoso, Baiju Dharmajan, Indian classical singer, Rini Rajput, Gaurav Chintamani from the popular fusion band Advaita, Kartik Dhar from Nasya, and Sidhant Mathur.

The album release is tentatively scheduled for early September which will be followed by a launch tour across various Indian cities.

Debut Album - Khoj Hindi Rock

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