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Hey folks. How’s it going? I recently came across a fantastic album, ‘Khoj’ by the Delhi based Hindi Rock band, Antariksh and thought of reviewing and penning down my thoughts on a couple of songs that I really enjoyed listening to. The first song that caught my attention was a peppy, uptempo track called Aisa Hi Hota Hai.

The most impressive feature of the song that immediately struck a chord with me is the effortless change from one style of music to another. The entire album, ‘Khoj’ fuses diverse styles of music and ‘Aisa Hi Hota Hai’ is a prime example of the vision where Antariksh fuses reggae and rock music with elegance. The song is embellished with meaningful yet witty lyrics and strong harmony.
The lyrics conjure up clever images that drives the point home, that even though everything in our lives may seem to go wrong, the moment will surely pass and leave a bright sky in its wake.

The syncopated rhythm guitars and vocal harmonies add richness to the main melody of the song. Even among the instrumental gala, the lead vocals holds their own fort and manage to create lasting visuals in the listeners mind. A special mention for the jazzy guitar solo and twin guitar melodies that lead to an explosive climax. No kidding folks, ‘Aisa hi hota hai’ is surely a song that punches above its weight.

– Daphne P. Edwin

Here’s where you can stream the song on Youtube:

Also, here’s an after-movie featuring Aisa Hi Hota Hai from various live concerts:

You can also listen to the Aisa Hi Hota and a bunch of other cool Hindi Rock songs by Antariksh on the following platforms:




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