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Music composer, singer, and guitar player Varun Rajput’s brainchild, ‘Antariksh‘ is a premier Hindi-Rock act based out of New Delhi, India. Rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists from India, Antariksh is renowned for bringing multiple authentic genres and styles from the west to mainstream Hindi music.
With an experience of playing over 500 gigs across the world, the band‘s live shows are not just your typical rock gigs, but a power-packed, mesmerising experiences that distinguish a “regular show” from a “concert”. 

Standing at the crossroad of some tasty melodies and spicy grooves, Antariksh creates a very fresh, and progressive sound borrowing nuances from Rock, Pop, Reggae, Carnatic, and Funk music presented in a cohesive, thematic and powerful manner. 

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Antariksh has a come a long way from its inception. What started as a fun and experimental side project by Varun Rajput, Mridul Ganesh (Former Singer) and Gurtej Singh (Former Guitar Player) in mid 2012 to fulfil their common dreams of recording and releasing a full-fledged album, took a serious turn when their first song, ‘Dheere Dheere’ became a hit with a variety of audience. That propelled the trio to record a full length and album and find a drummer and a bass player to begin playing live. With Vipul Malhotra on the drums and Raghav Verma on the bass, the band recorded and released their first album, Khoj. Boasting of incredible musicianship, mature songwriting and a wide variety of influences presented in a cohesive manner, Antariksh has a reputation for delivering high quality, meaningful, and fresh music both in a studio as well as a live setting. The band loves to write about human emotions and experiences, perceptions, and shades of good and bad in the society. Cloaked in some great guitar melodies and riffs, challenging syncopations, cinematic themes presented in a coherent manner, the band has a sound that’s as unique as it gets. Having gone through some line-up changes over the years, currently the band is led by its founder, Varun Rajput on Lead Vocals and Guitars, accompanied by Joshua Peter on Keyboards and Vocals.

Antariksh released their first album, ‘Khoj’ in September 2013, and since then there’s been no looking back. ‘Khoj’ is about a search for identity, a quest to understand our own nature. It is in moments of disconnection from our own selves that the journey inward begins – Khoj, an intense and passionately crafted musical journey, captures these moments through hard, edgy Hindi rock music. The album has a strong theme across all songs both musically as well as lyrically, touching topics such as ethics, identity crises, hope, greed, chaos and realization – emotions that are a part of our everyday lives. The music is thought provoking, hard rock with elements of reggae, ambient, electronica. Through Khoj, the band elegantly integrates their diverse backgrounds and love for music into a coherent masterpiece that is set to re-define Hindi Rock. The album also features guest performances by guitar virtuoso Baiju Dharmajan (ex-Motherjane), Gaurav Chintamani (Advaita), Indian classical singer Rini Rajput, Sid Mathur, and Kartik Dhar (Nasya).

Post releasing Khoj, still hailed as a masterpiece, the band gained a lot praise, grew bigger, and began touring all across the country through 2014 and 2015. In November 2015, Antariksh was featured on Season 4 of Music Mojo, a popular music show on Kappa TV which features live renditions of 11 songs performed by the band. The band began recording some of their new material in mid 2016 but had to pause owing to constant touring, gigging and lineup changes through 2016 and most of 2017. However, in 2017 the band began releasing a lot of live content, after movies and a new showreel, which was rated as the best by and India band ever by various music critics. With Varun’s perseverance coupled with Joshua’s support the band kept growing through 2017 and had their best year so far in terms of gigging as well as recording new material. Currently, Antariksh is getting ready to reveal a swanky new music video of their new single, ‘Kaahe Re’, followed by regular releases throughout 2018 which includes their new songs, ‘Jee Le Zara’, ‘Ye Jhootha Samaa’, ‘Waise To’,  ‘Sarhadein’ and a few more.

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