Let us tell you about a really funny and a surprisingly pleasant incident that happened a few days ago. Comfortably seated in a cab, on a pleasant winter afternoon, were headed to IIM Rohtak to play at gig their Pro Night event on January 19th. Somewhere near Bahadurgarh, a few cops dressed in Khakhis signalled our driver to stop the cab. We were a little surprised as the driver had committed no offense. We were not speeding, we had our seat belts – nothing was out of place. We asked the driver, “kya hua bhaiyya” and he was like “kuch nahi sir, 100-50 rupaye lene hain inko”.

No surprises, the cops started asking for all sorts of documents. While the driver was showing the documents to them, we sensed their intention for a bribe, and still sitting in the car, we guys started recording the incident on our phones. As usual, the cops were harassing the driver, and we were trying to capture it in a way the cops couldn’t see it. At the same time, we were constantly staring at the cops, expressing our displeasure for being harassed unnecessarily. They became a little suspicious and then one of the cops saw us trying to make the video. For a moment, we got a bit scared as to be honest, we didn’t even know if it’s legal or not to make such a video. Instead of getting offensive or anything, the moment that cop saw us, he got all flustered and vehemently signaled the driver to “just leave”. We could see the fear on his face – he just handed over the documents back to the driver in a hurry, and asked him to get lost immediately without taking that “100-50 rupaye”. It all happened within a few seconds, and it actually took us a minute to realize that what had happened. We drove away with smiles on our faces and  bursting into laughter remembering and mocking the expression of distress and fright seen on the cop’s face. But all in all, it felt really nice to see that now even the cops were scared of being caught on the camera if they tried to harass anyone unnecessarily. Thinking about it, it just clearly seemed to be a practical example of the ‘Swaraj’, Arvind Kejriwal keeps talking about. Yes, we all have our skepticism, and we keep arguing for and against it’s implications, but to see a live example of it working so well was just beautiful. Isn’t it true that the system has gone so bad, that we do need to create deterrence to change things? Isn’t it true that we do need to create fear in the minds of these govt. officials and bureaucrats to refrain them for taking bribes, to refrain them from harassing people, and spoil the system further? Some of these questions we hope will be answered in due time, but we can definitely sense a change in the air. A positive AAP effect is definitely visible. No matter how much media, BJP and Cong bots might diss Arvind Kejriwal, no one can take away the good he has done for the country.

Anyway, we reached IIM Rohtak comfortably and well, had once of the best shows ever. We started the show with Parichay into Dheere Dheere, our song that has been nominated for the VIMA Asia Awards. The setlist included 10 original songs from our debut album, Khoj and 5 cover songs. The audience was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere electrifying, and we literally had the time of our life playing for almost 2 hours. Quite an eventful day, all in all 🙂

Antariksh hanging out in the green room before the show at IIM Rohtak
Antariksh hanging out in the green room before the show at IIM Rohtak
Debut Album - Khoj Gigs Tour Diaries

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